Floyd Mayweather Jr. The Boxer of the Decade in 10 phrases

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Floyd “Money” Mayweather was named Boxer of the Decade by the World Boxing Association (WBA). The fighter, who hung his gloves in 2017 without tasting defeat in 50 bouts, he had great moments in the ring, but he also was a man who changed the way to see boxing from the business perspective, he sure made a difference.

The American figher gave us phrases which help us infer how his life was and how he feels boxing. ESPN journalist Nick Parkinson collected some quotes said by “Money” during last year, and WBA has picked 10 of the most interesting ones throughout his career.

His ego, which made him be center of attention, the endeavor he went through in order to be on top of the sport, and the respect he showed to his opponents despite his peculiar attitude he showed throughout the years are some of the traits of him implied in this countdown.

  1. “I ´ve had boxing gloves since I was able to walk, and I have been into Gyms throughout my whole life.
  2. “My mother was the first one who saw my potential…. I told her: I should look for a job”, she answered: “No, you keep boxing”.
  3. “… I had to try to take care of my mother, so I took the decision that school wasn´t important in that time, I had to box to make a living”.
  4. When he rejected signing a 7 fight / 12.5 Million dollar deal with HBO in 1999: “Why would I want to sign a contract like that? It’s a slave pay check”
  5. After defeating Oscar de La Hoya (2007) “It was a boxing masterpiece. I showed everyone why I am the best fighter of this era”.
  6. In 2007: “I will be a billionaire within 5 or 10 years… I want to be 60% owner of a Las Vegas Boulevard Casino, it’s not a dream; it’s going to be a reality.
  7. After winning a one sided decision to Canelo Alvarez (2013): “۱۷ years, and I´m still strong. I think that if I had rushed offensively I could have stop him early in the fight.
  8. After defeating Pacquiao (2015) “He is a tremendous fighter, I take my hat off to him, now I realize why he is one of the men put in the pinnacle of the sport.
  9. “Ali was a great fighter, but I’m better. Sugar Ray Robinson was also a great fighter, but I´m also better than him”.
  10. “It’s never been easy for me, boxing is easy, but life never has been easy”.

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